Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Natasha Vargas-Cooper Discusses The Effects of Pornography on Modern Men and Women

I speak with writer Natasha Vargas-Cooper about her newest piece on pornography in The Atlantic.

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  1. So I'm completely unfamiliar with this podcast's contributor 'Natasha Vargas-Cooper'- my reaction can only hence be based on this short exchange, and unfortunately my reaction isn't entirely positive. I found myself completely distracted from the points that were being made, and was left unable to clearly recall the points that were made, from the way miss Varga-Cooper approached explaining her view. Much like a polititian who can speak for half an hour without actually saying anything at all, or answer a question without answering the question... A clear thought, I did not feel was presented to me. Miss Vargas-Cooper came across to me like a teenager who thinks they have discovered the rules of the universe, and expands their experience of their world as inate truth. I'm more interested in the idea that David touched upon regarding the evidence being 'circumstantial' and could not agree more completely. I don't think Miss Vargas-Cooper answered this question satisfactorily. I think this boils down to Miss Vargas-Cooper confusing 'her experience' with 'societal reality'

  2. Cooper then stared in a couple of low-budget television movies and a short-lived television drama before landing his first movie role in 2001 in the film "Wet Hot American Summer."